10 Flowers That Mean Thank You

Finding flowers that mean thank you isn’t a challenge in most cases. After all, many bouquets send positive vibes. However, you might want to get something specific to the context.

Camellias and roses work nicely for thanking romantic partners, while irises and orchids are more formal. Meanwhile, zinnias are perfect for long-distance relationships. Sweet peas, sunflowers, hydrangeas, calla lilies, and bluebells are also valid “thank you” gifts.

In this post, we’ll go over the ten gorgeous blooms in detail, so let’s dive in!

Flowers That Mean Thank You

A bunch of different flowers can represent appreciation, but each has its own little twist on things, from adding a touch of remorse to spicing up the romance.

Depending on the message you want to deliver, you might find one flower more fitting than the others. So, let’s take a look at the top ten options:

1.   Hydrangea

Blue hydrangea bush

The hydrangea, in all its dazzling colors, can represent gratitude. Plus, it can make any room pop. However, the fluffy flower clusters can also reflect regret or remorse.

When you combine those two notions, you get a unique message from the hydrangeas. So, they might be an excellent way to say “thank you” to someone who’s giving you a second chance after a fallout in the relationship.

While blue hydrangeas are drop-dead gorgeous, the purple-pink-toned ones could highlight the appreciation a little better.

Keep in mind that the bloom color is directly related to the soil’s pH level. For instance, the flower turns more blue than pink when it grows in acidic soil and vice versa. Meanwhile, if the ground has a wide range of pH levels, you’ll get multiple colors in the same flower bed.

So, if you choose to get potted hydrangeas, you can always use this nifty little trick to change the hydrangea’s coat with pH-adjusting powders.

2.   Iris

Irises are definitely not subtle or muted flowers. On the contrary, they’re pretty large, vibrant, and even patterned in some varieties. This combo can strike the perfect tone on certain occasions, and gratitude is one of them.

For one, flower arrangements with irises might be an appropriate “thank you” gift for a respectable figure in your life. It can reflect that you think highly of this person’s wisdom, relentlessness, and courage.

You might want to go with the common purple iris to build upon this notion. Meanwhile, if you want something a little less bold, you can opt for the mini crested cultivar.

Asides from gifting it to show appreciation to authority figures, you can also use the iris flower to thank a colleague or an employee for their dedication.

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3.   Camellia

The reason why camellia can reflect gratitude is probably because of how long it stays in bloom. In a way, it’s seen as a plant that keeps giving. Usually, its blooming season lasts all the way from September and up to April.

Yet, there’s even a stronger (and more common) message at play here. Your typical camellia is a very romantic-looking flower. Its delicate pink petals often reflect sincere admiration and affection.

For this reason, it might be a bit much for a professional thanks. Instead, it’ll work perfectly for thanking romantic partners.

That said, it’s possible to give camellias out to close friends to show gratitude, especially the white cultivars. Ultimately, it depends on the context and how close the two of you are!

4.   Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea flowers

After Henry Eckford crossbred the Lathyrus odoratus flowers and called them the sweet peas, handing out those beauties was a common practice during the Victorian era, and it’s all for a good reason!

The perennial sweet peas work well as cut flowers, garden borders, and flower beds. Most importantly, their gradient-colored petals are quite the head turners.

Much like many other pink flowers, they can reflect delicate nature, admiration, and love. However, they were also commonly used to thank someone after spending quality time and wishing for more time together in the future.

However, you can also get the sweet peas in lavender, white, or pale shades of red. Either way, most flower heads will carry a slight gradient towards the base.

Plus, all the colors spread a divine aroma between orange and jasmine.

5.   Rose

One of the most versatile flowering plants out there is the rose. From elegant bridal bouquets to casual gifts, the Rosaceae family has got you covered, and saying “thank you” is right up their alley!

Suppose you want to express gratitude to a close friend or a lover? In that case, the deep pink roses can make a dazzling arrangement. To keep things fun and youthful, you can mix different bold shades of pink with yellow.

On the other hand, a bouquet of white roses could also reflect appreciation, but it’s more neutral and leans towards clean elegance.

In most situations, the red rose will be a bit bold for a simple thank you, but you can go for it if it’s the person’s favorite color.

Meanwhile, if you’re holding a “thank you” party, a centerpiece of pale pink roses can get the job done, even if it’s artificial!

Regardless of which color you pick, the beauty of fresh roses over artificial ones is that you can dry the petals up and store them as a keepsake later.

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6.   Sunflower

Much like sweet peas, sunflowers take their gratitude meaning from the flower language during the Victorian era.

However, instead of using them after spending quality time, the sunflowers carry an added wish for good luck, especially in new beginnings. So, they might be a nice farewell gift to someone who has helped you and is now off to a fresh start somewhere else.

It’s also important to note that other cultures could view sunflowers in a different light.

For instance, native American tribes associated the seeds with honoring the graves of the dead. So, in a way, this might also be a show of appreciation to the ones long gone!

Since sunflowers are very widespread, you don’t have to get the actual flower at all to express your emotions. Instead, you can find a wide range of sunflower-themed jewelry that could reflect the same symbolism.

7.   Zinnia

If the person you want to thank is far away, the charming zinnia might be just the thing you’re looking for.

Since the flower represents longing and appreciation for people out of our sight, you can have a floral arrangement sent to your traveling loved ones.

Asides from gratitude, the zinnia can also symbolize endurance through tough times. So, in a way, you’ll tell that person that you’re thankful for them, miss them, and hope they’re staying strong.

For the recommended color options, you can either go for pink zinnias for a timeless touch or pair the blush flowers with yellow and purple for a color pop.

However, you’ll probably want a lot of dark green leaves to balance out the arrangement and send the right tone.

8.   Bluebell

Bouquet of bluebells

The delicate bluebell flowers bring together notions of loyalty, humility, everlasting love, and recognition to make the perfect thank you gift for a long-time partner.

Historically, you can trace this gratitude message to when it was dedicated to St. George and worn in his honor.

Unlike what the name implies, bluebells aren’t strictly blue. In fact, the Hyacinthiods genus can carry white, gray, lavender, pale blue, and cobalt flowering heads.

On the downside, some people might find the bluebell twig too floppy for their taste. Additionally, the flowers could sometimes reflect notions of femininity and fertility.

9.   Lilly

If you’re looking for something minimalistic, you might want to consider the calla lilies. The yellow cultivars are usually your best bet when preparing a bouquet that says “thank you” with a touch of friendly joy and warmth.

On the other hand, the pink calla lily cultivars could add a touch of intimacy and delicacy to the message. Meanwhile, the white ones work best for bridal bouquets. Of course, the purple lilies work in an air of royalty and elegance to the floral arrangement.

For platonic relationships, the alstroemerias lilies could be a good fit to show that you’re grateful for having a friend by your side.

Just keep in mind that alstroemeria flowers aren’t in the same arum family as the calla lilies, though. Their main upside is that they’re just the right side for vases on dinner tables and can stay fresh for a while!

10. Orchid

Orchid flowers are a great way to combine gratitude with respect. They’re also very optimistic without breaking their air of grace and royalty. That’s usually a tough combo to come by!

From a slightly different perspective, handing out orchids can mean that you’re forgiving and ready to let grievances go. So, the gift could be a two-way street in many platonic relationships.

However, you’ll probably want to avoid using orchids as a “thank you” gift for a history buff. Odds are, they’ll mostly see the fertility notions associated with Greek mythology instead of the appreciation message you’re trying to send.

Wrap Up

When it comes to flowers that mean thank you, the door for possibilities is wide open.

However, when you put the extra effort into picking the flowers, you can make your “thank you” message loud and clear with a touch of romance, longing, royalty, or even remorse!