7 Flowers That Look Like Fairies

There has been no artist like nature. Flowers are great examples of what nature can do when holding a paintbrush. Flowers have different fragrances, colors, growth conditions, reproduction methods, and appearances. In today’s article, we’ll focus on those flowers that look like fairies.

Flowers that look like fairies are among the rarities. It’s easy to imagine a fairy in any bloom, but having a flower that boldly resembles a fairy is a bit of a rarity. We’ll show you 7 of these flowers that can take the ‘fairy garden’ to a whole new meaning.

Remember that while some of these flowers look precisely like fairies most of the time, some require specific times and conditions to resemble the fairies. What are those times, and what do the fairies look like? You’ll know all about it in a few minutes.

1.   Dancing Girls

The Dancing Girls flower is one of the rarest flowers in the world. It’s native only to the rain forests of east Africa.

Dancing Girls flower, from the name, resembles a miniature dancing lady. The lady has tiny feet, a yellow-buttoned dress, a head cover, and a pair of hands pointing at the sky.

White is the most dominant color in Dancing Girls. Sometimes, there’s a pinkish hue, but the flower is white for the most part.

Dancing Girls plants can grow only a foot high, but they compensate for that by being able to climb eight feet in any direction. A flower like this doesn’t need to be too high to catch your interest. The beautiful sprite would catch the attention of anyone anyway.

Dancing Girls flowers are so rare that even dedicated plant collectors struggle to obtain them. Not only are the seeds expensive and scarce, but sellers often sell fake seeds that don’t grow and blame the buyer for not planting them right.

Should you get your hands on some genuine seeds, don’t be afraid to plant them indoors. Dancing Girls grow well indoors as they prefer a temperature of 70 °F (21 °C), which we also like.

Use well-draining soil to avoid drowning your Dancing girls or causing root rot

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2.   Fuchsia

A bunch of blooming Fuchsias

Fuchsias got their name after the 16th-century German botanist; Leonard Fuchs. These beautiful flower plants come in a variety of colors.

Much like the Dancing Girls, Fuchsias resemble young girls dancing together. Fuschias, however, look more like fairies than Dancing Girls because of the strange appearance of the girls.

The flower looks like a girl wearing a two-toned dress with multiple feet. You can tell that it’s a girl, but it’s not a human girl. That’s what we want; a fairy!

Also, the magenta color seems to appear in most Fuschia plants’ varieties. It could either be one of the two tones or take the whole flower with varying hue degrees.

Fuchsia plants aren’t as hard to come by as Dancing Girls, and you can easily grow them indoors. They don’t require constant maintenance but need indirect sunlight to grow.

Fun fact: Did you know that in one of the Arabic dialects, the word Fuschia means magenta? We’re not sure if it’s a coincidence, but it’s a remarkable fact nevertheless.

3.   The Angel Orchid

The Angel Orchid is a flowering plant native to the high grasslands of Southern India.

Although we chose to include The Angel Orchid in our fairy list, this flower looks more like an angel than a fairy.

The Angel Orchid grows up to five inches high; from a distance, it doesn’t look like a girl or a fairy. Instead, it seems more like a white fly or a white moth.

If you get closer, however, you’ll notice what looks like a girl or an angel wearing a white cloak and having white wings and limbs.

It’s rare to see Angel Orchids in cultivation, but if you do get your hands on some tubers, plant them in well-drained soil and keep them four inches apart. The roots overgrow and could compete over food if they’re too close.

4.   The Ballerina Orchid

Ballerina Orchids

The Ballerina Orchid was first observed in 2001 and is the most recently discovered flower on our list.

This flower is nothing short of astonishing, and its appearance is exactly how the name suggests, a ballerina.

Nature has somehow managed to grow a flower that looks like a ballet dancer. It doesn’t even require imagination to notice, and it looks exactly like a dancing girl.

Ballerina Orchid

The ballet dancer wears a white dress with a pink torso, two beautiful yellowish-orange hands, and a yellow neck. The extension of the leaf acts as the feet of the ballerina.

The Ballerina Orchid is one of the rarest plants in the world. At the time of writing this article, there are less than 300 orchids, which makes this plant critically endangered of extinction.

Currently, the Ballerina Orchid only exists in Australia. Kangaroos and rabbits feed on Ballerina Orchids, which reduces their numbers even more.

5.   Hollyhock


Hollyhocks are a little different and more unique than the flowers we’ve mentioned. At first glance, you’ll see regular blooming flowers that don’t look any different than common flowers.

The flower could either be white, pink, or purple. Sometimes the color blends between all three, and sometimes the color darkens so much that it seems black. The most common color is pinkish-purple, though.

The center of the flower is green or white, and there’s another green cup that encases the flower’s petals.

So far, so normal, right? But have you ever heard about Hollyhock dolls?

Because of the color grading and the dress-like appearance of Hollyhocks, people use a mix between blooming and non-blooming flowers to make what’s known as a Hollyhock doll.

So, Hollyhock flowers may not look like fairies at first glance, but they’re one of the most popular plants in making fairies. All you’ll need is a blooming flower, an early blooming flower, and a small stick to connect the two.

Fun fact: In older times, people used Hollyhock roots to make herbal medicine. As for the flowers themselves, we can use them to create a lotion that heals sunburn and dry skin.

6.   Lady Orchid

Lady orchid

Lady Orchids are present in various areas of Europe and Northern Africa. Yet, that presence is in low numbers, and the plant is still critically endangered.

These orchids grow mostly in oak forests and woodlands. Unfortunately, they’re not easy to find, and if you find them, you won’t see the flowering unless you come at the right season.

Lady Orchid flowers bloom between late April and early June. Once they bloom, you get a beautiful display of purple and white colors.

From a distance, you’ll see a nice cone of purple flowers that are beautiful but nothing too special. These flower cones can grow up to three feet high. Up close, however, is when you’ll start to see the ladies.

The flowers look like young ladies wearing wide dresses. The dress is white for the most part, but the extremities are purple. In addition, the torso and shoulder areas have dark purple spots. Finally, you get what resembles a dark purple hat, where the flower connects to the green of the plant.

Fun Fact: Lady Orchids have a nickname; purpurea. It’s Latin for purple, the iconic color of the Lady Orchids.

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7.   Tulip Orchid

Upon looking at Tulip (Anguloa) Orchids, you’ll see a flower within a flower. On close examination, you’ll see a young hooded fairy ready to bloom out of a flower!

Noticing that particular appearance isn’t easy, though. Most of the time, you’ll end up seeing a mini flower stuck inside a bigger flower. You need to catch it in the middle of the blooming period to see the little hooded fairy.

Tulip Orchids bloom anywhere between spring and summer. The best time to notice the fairy is within the first three weeks of flowering.

Tulip Orchid flowers could be white, red, or yellow. Sometimes it ends up being a combination of more than one color.

Fun Fact: Tulip Orchids rely on Euglossine bees to reproduce. The orchids release a fragrant smell that has a hint of cinnamon. Euglossine bees love that smell and land on the flowers to feed on the nectar.

When the bee is good to go, it will fly away carrying pollen to land on another orchid.

That’s It

This was our list of 7 flowers that look like fairies. Unfortunately, most of these flowers are difficult to grow or limited to specific places worldwide.

But again, beauty is there for those who seek it. These flowers are rare, and they don’t seem to want to change that fact soon.

Sometimes when you need to see beauty with your own eyes, you must exert considerable effort and travel to them. But, truthfully? These fairy flowers are worth it.