10 Flowers That Grow Tall

The blooms in your garden come in all shapes and sizes; your collection is only missing a few flowers that grow tall to be complete. Thankfully, there’s a huge selection of these flowers that you might want to consider planting there.

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Some of the most beautiful flowers that reach impressive heights are the Oriental Lily, Hardy Hibiscus, Delphinium, Hollyhock, and Plume Poppy. But the list is far longer than you think!

In this article, I’ll suggest ten flowers that can grow taller than the rest of your garden blooms to add a three-dimensional aesthetic to your yard. Let’s dive in!

1.  Oriental Lily

  • Scientific name: Lilium Auratum
  • Height: 3 to 6 feet
  • Colors: Pink and white

One of the most breathtaking flowers you can plant in your garden is an Oriental Lily, and not just because of its height. Sure, it has the potential of growing about six feet tall, but there’s so much more to admire about this pretty lady!

First off, its elegantly-shaped petals and colors will surely draw the attention of your guests and fill your garden with radiance. The flower broadcasts hues of pink and white to steal the show!

Second off, Oriental Lilies are pretty easy to grow, and it shows in their ability to thrive in hardiness zones 3 to 9. Talk about versatility!

In addition, Oriental Lily blooms produce a lovely fragrance that’s just hard to ignore.

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2.  Perennial Hibiscus

  • Scientific name: Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis
  • Height: 3 to 7 feet
  • Colors: Pink, red, white, or blue

Also known as the Hardy Hibiscus or Rose Mallow, this hibiscus variety can add a splash of color to your garden with its pretty hues of pink, red, and blue. It also grows to around three to seven feet of height, dwarfing all the other flowers and creating an eye-catching contrast.

What’s even better is that this herbaceous flower is strong-willed, so it can handle most climates without batting an eye. As long as you provide it with its favorite blend of soil, adequate water, and plenty of sunlight, it should produce big, impressive blooms in the summer!

3.  Delphinium

  • Scientific name: Delphinium Elatum
  • Height: 4 to 6 feet
  • Colors: Purple, blue, pink, or white

Delphiniums are members of the buttercup family, so they share its physical characteristics. Those beauties come in cone-shaped clusters that climb high enough to establish themselves as six-foot-tall towers. Man, they can be taller than several members of your family!

Not only is their shape remarkable, but also their colors. They’re available in delicate shades of pink, blue, purple, and white. If you wish to take a break from vibrant reds, oranges, or yellows, Delphiniums will have your back in this regard!

However, these flowers may not be as easy as most options on this list to grow. They demand alkaline, very well-draining soil, exposure to full sunlight, and a cool summer climate that isn’t humid.

These conditions aren’t available in most regions of the United States. You must live somewhere with weather that’s similar to England’s so that growing Delphiniums doesn’t require too much time and effort.

4.  Hollyhock

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  • Scientific name: Alcea rosea
  • Height: 5 to 9 feet
  • Colors: Blue, purple, pink, red, white, yellow, or black

One of the coolest things about Hollyhocks is that they come in many varieties and colors, ranging from bright yellow to bold black.

Depending on your taste and how you want your garden to look, these blooms should add some cheerfulness, elegance, or even an edge to your collection!

Hollyhocks can also be annual, biennial, or perennial. Different varieties have the ability to grow until they’re five to nine feet in height, acting as your pretty yet attentive sentinels!

Even better, Hollyhocks are beginner-friendly; they don’t require a lot of effort to grow into awesome-looking flowers. They just need moist soil that’s also well-draining and rich, full sun, and a good amount of water.

5.  Plume Poppy

  • Scientific name: Macleaya Cordata
  • Height: Up to 8 feet
  • Colors: White or pink

Besides their glorious height, Plume Poppies are admired by many for their unique, petal-less shape. These plants have thin, white plumes that end up in tiny flowers that you won’t notice until you get too close.

As more time passes, those white blooms turn slightly pink. They’re able to last from midsummer until the first frost, ranking them as long-living flowers.

Despite their rather remarkable structure, many gardeners don’t like Plume Poppies because they’re invasive. If they don’t have plenty of room around them, and if you don’t keep their growth in check, they might conquer your flower garden!

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6.  Cutleaf Coneflower

  • Scientific name: Rudbeckia laciniata
  • Height: 3 to 10 feet
  • Colors: Golden yellow or green

Another eye-catching flower that can reach incredible heights is the Cutleaf Coneflower. In the best conditions, it can grow up to around ten feet tall, but it usually ends up being five or six feet tall in normal circumstances.

One of the best things about this flower is that it’s an instant showstopper! This is thanks to its vibrant yellow petals that are sure to fill your garden with joy.

Plus, this coneflower is a major attraction to butterflies and hummingbirds. They’ll hover over its petals, driven by the hypnotizing influence of its nectar and seeds!

However, you must be prepared for how invasive Cutleaf Coneflowers tend to be as they spread by underground rhizomes.

7.  Red Hot Poker

  • Scientific name: Kniphofia
  • Height: 3 to 4 feet
  • Colors: Orange, red, or yellow

While a bit shorter than the previous flowers on this list, Red Hot Pokers are still some of the tallest blooms you can come across. They’re also a sight to behold, so, drumroll!

The thing about Red Hot Pokers is that they have a unique shape that isn’t familiar to most people. Their petals are tiny and clustered on the top of their stems, and collectively, they take the shape of a slim pinecone. This pretty much explains the “Poker” part.

Combined with their oddly satisfying shape, their lovely colors of red, yellow, and orange can add more to the aesthetics of your garden. If that isn’t enough to make you admire them, just keep in mind that they’re also attractive to bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies.

8.  Monkshood

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  • Scientific name: Aconitum napellus
  • Height: Up to 5 feet
  • Colors: Purple, pink, blue, white, or yellow

One of the most delicate-looking flowers in the world, Monkshood is a must-have in every outdoor garden. You may also know it as Wolfsbane, so make sure your lycanthrope friends stay away from this section in the garden when they come to visit!

Well, it turns out you’ll have to be careful around the Monkshood, too, as it’s highly toxic to people and pets. It’s important to wear gloves and handle the plant with care to stay away from trouble.

Still, this flower is beautiful despite all, with its papery, elegant petals and thin stems. It’s also pretty easy to grow as long as you offer it well-draining soil, full to partial sunlight, and plenty of water.

9.  Foxglove

  • Scientific name: Digitalis
  • Height: 5 to 8 feet
  • Colors: Purple, pink, red, white, or yellow

If you’re a Potterhead, you’ll surely remember that scene from Prisoner of Azkaban where a cluster of down-facing flowers freeze and shrink after a Dementor passes by.

I’ve always wondered about those curious-looking blooms, and I was finally able to identify them as Foxgloves!

Foxgloves are surely captivating to look at with their trumpet-shaped blooms that can climb as far as five to eight feet toward the sky. They also come in a wealth of colors, including red, pink, purple, and yellow.

Yet, the bad news about Foxgloves is that they’re toxic if ingested. Make sure your pets or kids don’t find their way to those seemingly innocent blooms!

10.  Helenium

  • Scientific name: Helenium autumnale
  • Height: Up to 5 feet
  • Colors: Copper, orange, red, white, or yellow

You can’t just walk by a bunch of Helenium flowers, also known as Sneezeweed, without doing a double or even triple take.

The brightly-colored flowers have yellow borders, red or orange petals, and yellow centers. That’s sure to be a jaw-dropping sight!

Besides their lovely display, Heleniums have the ability to grow until they’re five feet tall. They can do a wonderful job of highlighting your flower garden from a distance to draw everyone’s attention over there.

Better yet, they’re a breeze to grow and require full sun, moist soil that also drains effectively, and a lot of water to become healthy, pretty plants.

Final Words

You may be searching for a few flowers that grow tall to create a contrast with your pre-existing shorter blooms. Or, you might just like the appearance of flowers that reach out for the heavens.

No matter what your purpose is, a lot of flowers fall into that category, and they’re ready for a home in your yard.

You can pick from Heleniums, Foxgloves, Plume Poppies, Oriental Lilies, Cutleaf Coneflowers, and many more. With colors ranging from elegant blue all the way to bright, cheerful yellow, you should find the right match to include in your garden in no time!