Blue Stargazer Lily Meaning

Stargazer Lily is one of the most attractive flowers out there that come in many colors. And like other flowers, each color can have its fair share of symbolism. So what is the blue stargazer lily meaning?

Blue Stargazer lilies can represent a lot of meanings. However, the most popular ones are optimism, inspiration, success, and purity. However, the plant is also associated with deep symbolism and many other meanings.

If you want to find out more about the origin of this beautiful flower, what it represents, and when to gift it, keep on reading this guide!

Origin and Etymology of Blue Stargazer Lily Flowers

Lilies are bulbous and beautiful flowers that belong to the Liliaceae family. They are Old World flowers that existed all across the majority of Europe and Asia as well as parts of Polynesia.

The term lily extends from the Latin word “Lilium”, which is derived from old greek and refers to “true”.

Stargazer Lilies are a hybrid form of lilies that were developed in the late 1970s. The flowers were developed by Leslie Woodruff as she cross-pollinated Oriental Lilies (Lilium orientalis) with Asiatic lilies (Lilium auratum).

The purpose of this unique flower hybrid was to combine the fragrant attractiveness of Asiatic lilies with the botanical hardiness of the Orientals.

The results of this combination were a resounding success and produced unique flowers that will always bloom upward toward the sky, which is where Woodruff got its name.

What Do Blue Stargazer Lilies Symbolize?

Since lilies have been common in a wide variety of places around the world, they can carry a lot of symbolism depending on the common culture. Of course, plenty of these meanings were also extended to the Blue Stargazer lilies.

Luckily, in most places, Stargazer lilies are associated with positive and pleasant meanings, which makes them perfect gifts for friends, family, and loved ones.

In the following section, we’ll walk you through some of the most popular Blue Stargazer lily meanings.

Blue Stargazer Lily

1. Optimism and Inspiration

As the name of the flowers suggest, blooming toward the sky is one of the most characteristic aspects of the flower and has a major impact on its symbolism.

The flower has always been an icon of inspiration and passion for something you really like and want to pursue.

Blue lilies in general were also considered good luck flowers, so it’s natural that the meaning extended to Blue Stargazers.

2. Success

Since the dawn of history, humans tended to associate pleasant scents with good health, wealth, and prosperity.

This belief also extended to lily flowers, believing that they bring balance and positive vibes into one’s life.

Since Blue Stargazer Lilies are hybrid flowers with many previous failed attempts, it took a lot of persistence and determination to be developed, which also matches the whole energy of the flower.

For that reason, Blue Stargazer Lilies symbolize success and were often used to decorate houses to bring good luck and ward off negative energy.

3. Spirituality

Blue is quite a unique color among flowers because it rarely exists naturally. This made flowers like Blue Stargazer lilies a symbol of spirituality and striving for the unattainable.

The flower also has a deep meaning of the desire to pursue the unknown with positive vibes, which makes it a good choice if you want to let someone know that you believe in them.

4. Purity

Another reason that is commonly associated with Blue Stargazers is purity, chastity, and innocence. This meaning is more common in some cultures than others, especially Asian ones.

In fact, the Chinese often believed that lilies had unique magical powers that can keep evil spirits and negativity at bay, which is why they kept the plant in their homes.

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When Do Blue Stargazer Lilies Bloom?

Lilies usually bloom when temperatures are at their warmest. In regions with regular temperatures, this is usually around mid to late summer, particularly in July and August.

However, if you live in an area that is relatively warm, you should expect the flower to bloom as early as March or even February.

Blue Stargazer Lilies are perennial flowers. This means that the plant will continue to bloom every year during that time, as long as you provide it with the necessary conditions to thrive.

Blue Lily Flower

When Should You Use Blue Stargazer Lilies?

As you can see from the meanings above, there are no limits to the occasions where you can use Blue Stargazer Lilies.

For starters, you can use these flowers to decorate your house, office, or garden to incorporate some of their positive symbolism.

Additionally, you can use the flowers as a gift, especially for someone starting a new chapter in their life or celebrating professional or academic achievement.

Lilies are also known as the perfect gift to celebrate the 30th anniversary. Choosing Blue Stargazer Lilies for that occasion is a symbol of pure love and strong bonds.

In addition to these meanings, since Blue Stargazer Lilies are incredibly beautiful, you can use them for any purpose, whether alone or in combination with other beautiful and fragrant flowers.

Helpful Care Tips for Blue Stargazer Lily Flowers

If you want to keep Blue Stargazer fresh and beautiful for a long time, here are some essential tips to help you take care of them:

  • When flowers start fading, remove them to encourage the plant to produce more blossoms.
  • Water them occasionally and maintain them in relatively damp soil, but not soaking.
  • Sprinkle a small layer of gravel around the plant’s stem to protect it from pests and small bugs that may harm the flowers
  • Keep the lily flower mulched to cool down the soil and provide further protection from critters.

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Wrap Up

This marks the end of this brief guide that walks you through all the different meanings of Blue Stargazer Lilies.

As you can see, these incredibly beautiful and fragrant flowers are often associated with positive vibes, so there’s no limit to when you can use or gift them to any flower lovers, especially if you want to convey messages of optimism, success, and purity.