Black Narcissus Flower Meaning

Some flowers can have confusing names, and the black narcissus is one of them. This isn’t a narcissus flower, but it’s a variety of dahlias that come in a distinctive color. So, what is the black narcissus flower meaning?

The black narcissus isn’t actually black but is a deep shade of red, burgundy, or maroon that opens to a pink center. It can symbolize mystery and passion in an unusual relationship. It’s not a typical romantic flower, but a single flower can evoke mystery if you’re beginning a unique relationship.

This article will dig deeper into the meaning of the black narcissus and its message. So, keep reading to learn more about this topic.

Black Narcissus Flower Meaning

The Dahlia ‘Black Narcissus’ is an unusual variety of dahlia flowers. It has double blooms with pointed petals that explode like fireworks in your garden. Understanding the meaning of receiving or sending this flower relates to its unusual shade and color.

Dahlia ‘Black Narcissus’ Close up

Dahlia ‘Black Narcissus’

The black narcissus is a bit unusual because it’s a dahlia named after another flower. So it’s not a narcissus, but a unique shade of a dahlia.

Moreover, the color isn’t black. It’s a dark shade of burgundy or maroon, but it looks exceptional when you send it in a bouquet.

Dahlias are the flowers of compassion and love. They bloom after other flowers have faded, so they can symbolize resilience and strength.

Sending someone a black narcissus dahlia means you have strong feelings for them. These flowers symbolize commitment and steadiness, so you can send them to someone to show them how you feel about them.

In general, dahlias symbolize new beginnings and fresh starts. However, they can also represent something new and exciting in a dull world. Since the black narcissus isn’t that common, it’s a great flower to tell someone they’re pretty extraordinary.

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What is a Black Dahlia?

With thousands of dahlias, only a few cultivars can grow black flowers. So, real black dahlias are pretty rare, and they’re usually very dark shades of red or brown.

Unfortunately, this flower symbolizes negative and tragic events. This name was used to refer to an actress who was brutally murdered in the 1940s. Her murder mystery remains unsolved to this day.

Yet, you might find some dyed black dahlias on the market. These are usually light-colored dahlias that have been dyed in the color black. They might look beautiful, but they don’t carry a positive meaning.

You might want to use black dahlias if you’re working on a dark theme decoration. Other than that, it’s not a good idea to send someone a flower that symbolizes loss, death, and grief.

A black narcissus isn’t a black dahlia but a dark shade of red or burgundy. So, it carries a different meaning and can be used in a different context.

However, some florists refer to the black narcissus as the black dahlia, so you can examine it closely. This is your incredible flower if it’s a reddish-brown or dark burgundy with a somehow light center. If it’s solid black, then it’s probably dyed.

Who Should You Send a Black Narcissus To?

A black narcissus is an unusual flower given to someone special to send a unique message. So, you should think carefully before giving it to anyone.

Since this dahlia is usually big, and sometimes the size of a plate, one can be enough. You can surround it with other light-colored blooms or green leaves to create a unique arrangement where the black narcissus is the centerpiece.

Here are some situations where you can send someone a black narcissus.

  • You know someone who has a mysterious and intriguing character. By sending them this flower, you’re telling them that you appreciate these traits about them.
  • You’ve recently begun a relationship with someone, but it involves a lot of mystery.
  • You want to tell someone you’re puzzled about your connection and would like more clarity.
  • You can use this flower to express the uniqueness of your connection with someone, as this isn’t a typical flower.

At the same time, you don’t want to send this flower to someone who is experiencing grief or loss. It might be insensitive to send the black narcissus to a friend or a lover who has lost a family member, as the flower is linked to a murder.

In general, this is a tricky flower that should be treated with caution. If you think the person receiving this flower may misinterpret its meaning, you should reconsider it. Luckily, dahlias come in several colors to pick from.

What Do the Colors of Dahlias Mean?

Black Narcissus Flower

Dahlias come in several bright and uplifting colors that you can pick from for a cut flower arrangement or a bouquet. Here are the most popular ones.

  • White dahlias are the flowers of beauty, innocence, and purity. You can send them to someone who is experiencing a new beginning or a transformation, like someone who is having a baby or moving to a different country.
  • Yellow dahlias symbolize joy and happiness. Share them with a loved one to express your joy about having them in your life or to celebrate a special occasion with them. They also symbolize optimism and encouragement, and you can send them to a friend.
  • Red dahlias symbolize resilience and the power to overcome obstacles. These flowers are suitable for someone who is going through a struggle or recovering from an illness.
  • Purple dahlias symbolize royalty, elegance, and respect. You can send them to an elderly person or someone you respect to show your appreciation.
  • Pink dahlias are linked to beauty, grace, and femininity. They’re the perfect gift for a special lady in your life, especially your mother or grandmother.
  • Green dahlias are uplifting, and they symbolize youth and new beginnings. Send them to a friend or a younger family member to celebrate a good occasion.

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Wrap Up: Black Narcissus Flower Meaning

The black narcissus is actually a type of dahlia, and it’s not really black. This deep red or burgundy flower looks unique and mysterious, so it sends this message when you include it in a bouquet.

Although people talk of black dahlias, these flowers are extremely rare in real life. If you find a solid black dahlia, it’s usually dyed, and you shouldn’t send it to anyone because it’s linked to a violent history.