Black Calla Lily Meaning

Calla lilies hold symbolism in many cultures, especially the classic white species. Nowadays, these lovely flowers boast an array of colors with corresponding meanings. For instance, the black calla lily meaning is as unique as its color.

Black calla lilies symbolize elegance, sophistication, and grace. Their boldness stands for power, strength, mystery, and intrigue. However, they can also refer to lust, decadence, and goodbyes.

Learn more about black calla lilies, their meanings, and their uses in this article. Keep reading!

An Overview of Black Calla Lilies

A black calla lily belongs to the Zantedeschia genus under the broader plant family, Araceae. This hybrid is rare because of its color. Some popular varieties include Edge of the Night, Odessa, Black Hero, Captain La Paz, and Black Art.

Contrary to its name, a black calla lily is neither a lily nor black. Botanist Carolus Linnaeus misclassified it as a type of lily. Later, Karl Koch recognized this mistake and created a whole new genus to which calla lilies belong today.

The flower appears black from a distance. Yet, a closer look will tell you that it’s a deep maroon to purple instead.

Interestingly, the flower doesn’t have any petals. The inflorescence is the middle tubular structure called a spadix, while the enclosure is actually a modified leaf or bract known as a spathe.

Black calla lilies

Black Calla Lily Meaning

A black calla lily is arguably the most dramatic color variation of calla lilies. Because of that, it signifies a lot of things.

For starters, black calla lilies are rare. They’re a good choice for a secret admirer as they indicate a hint of mystery and intrigue. By that same token, these flowers stand out alone or as a valuable addition to any floral arrangement.

The almost black color also brings a touch of elegance and sophistication. It gives a bold statement as well. So, the blooms are a fitting symbol of power and strength.

On top of that, black calla lilies stand for beauty, a word that translates to calla in Greek. Their trumpet-shaped spathes signify grace as well.

Despite all these positive meanings, some beliefs hold black calla lilies in a negative light. For example, gifting these flowers may signify farewell. It’s another way of signaling an end to a relationship.

Even worse, black calla lilies link to lust and overindulgence in pleasures or luxuries. That means a moral or cultural decline.

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What Other Calla Lily Colors Mean

Different calla lily colors represent specific symbolisms. Check out the following:

  • White: rebirth, resurrection, purity, innocence, holiness, beauty, and devotion
  • Yellow: thankfulness and gratitude
  • Pink: admiration and appreciation
  • Purple: charm, passion, and royalty
  • Red: beauty, courage, and determination
Colorful calla lilies

Calla Lily Meanings and Symbolisms

Whether going for black or other colors, many general meanings lie within calla lilies. Their significance spans religion, cultures, and traditions.

Calla Lily and the Water Element

Calla lilies have strong ties with the water element. They thrive in the wetlands and swamps of South Africa, where they originated.

Since ancient times, water has been associated with emotions, intuitions, and the human’s unconscious state. This is why many people use calla lilies to express feelings and sentiments on various occasions.

For example, you may see white calla lilies during weddings to symbolize purity and devotion. They can also be present in funerals as a symbol of purification and forgiveness for the departed soul.

Birthdays, anniversaries, and even retirements are other occasions you can give calla lilies. You can choose from various colors to express emotions like love, appreciation, admiration, and gratitude.

Calla Lily Meaning in Religion

Calla lilies symbolize rebirth and renewal. That’s why they link to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As such, you may often see calla lilies in arrangements or bouquets during Easter. It’s said that the trumpet-shaped blooms announce triumph over death.

White varieties also tie up with the Virgin Mary in many images and portraits. This association signifies purity, faithfulness, and holiness.

A Christian-related tale even references calla lilies. The story talks of these plants growing from the tears of Eve as she exits the garden of Eden. 

Calla Lily Meaning in Dreams

Seeing calla lilies in your dream can mean different things. It may be your subconscious telling you about joyful things up ahead, finding solutions to problems, and healing.

However, some say that dreaming of calla lilies may mean an end to a relationship or even death. That’s especially true if you see a closed calla lily flower.

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Calla Lily Cultural Significance

Though native to South Africa, calla lilies are popular around the world. Besides their connection with religion, they hold cultural significance in certain countries.

For example, the calla lily is Ethiopia’s national flower. The country considers this flower, particularly the white species, as a symbol of peace.

In Europe, perhaps the first depiction of calla lilies is a 1664 illustration in the Royal Garden of Paris. This suggests their presence in the region around that time or even earlier.

Way before that, the ancient Egyptians recognized calla lilies as symbols of fertility and birth. That’s because the spadix resembles a phallic.

For the same reason, Romans valued calla lilies with representations relating to sexuality.

Black calla liliy

Calla Lily and Greek Mythology

According to a Greek story, Zeus fathered Hercules with a mortal woman. Zeus hoped Goddess Hera would bestow powers on his son by nursing him.

Hercules fed on a sleeping Hera’s milk but got pushed away when she awoke.

As a result, droplets of milk flew to the sky, and others fell to the ground. Those that touched the sky turned into the Milky Way, and on the latter sprang beautiful flowers.

Because of such beauty, the Roman Goddess Venus got jealous. She cursed the flowers by placing the yellow pistil in the middle.

It’s said that this tale is the reason why calla lilies may also symbolize jealousy.


A black calla lily meaning can vary from positive to negative depending on the context.

Adding these flowers to any arrangement lends a touch of elegance and sophistication. So, it befits someone exuding such beauty and grace.

The boldness of the black calla lily also represents power and strength, with an element of mystery. However, they may also signify lust, overindulgence, and a looming farewell.

Regardless, the black calla lily stands out for its beauty and hidden meanings.