Bearded Iris Flower Meaning: Everything You Need to Know

Bearded Iris flowers are known for their unique look and eye-catching colors, which makes them popular gifting blooms. More importantly, they convey many emotions and messages. So, you’re probably wondering: what’s the Bearded Iris flower meaning?

Generally, the unique flowers symbolize faith, hope, optimism, wisdom, and eloquence. In addition, they get their name from the ancient Greek goddess Iris, which used rainbows as bridges between heaven and earth.

purple Bearded Iris

Do you want to find out more about the exquisite Iris flowers? Today’s article will tell you everything you need to know about what they symbolize. Let’s jump into the details right away!

Bearded Iris Flower Meaning

Iris is a genus of around 300 species that belongs to the Iridaceae family. Bearded Iris is perhaps the most popular plant in the genus. It comes in a wide range of spectacular colors that can brighten up your garden or make an excellent gift.

More importantly, Bearded Iris conveys a lot of meanings in different cultures. Let’s check them out.

1.   In Greek Culture

The magnificent flowers get their name from Iris, the Greek goddess who moved between heaven and earth using rainbows.

It was thought that an Iris flower grew wherever the goddess’s feet touched the ground, and that’s where the flower’s name comes from. Generally, the name “Iris” is Greek for “Rainbow,” which resembles the various colors this flower comes in.

The goddess also delivered messages to the gods and from the underworld. These messages were eloquent and resembled good communication. Similarly, a bouquet of Iris flowers carries a lot of messages, and they’re a way to communicate without words.

Moreover, the Greek goddess was responsible for escorting the deceased from earth to heaven and guiding them to their final destination.

For that reason, in Greek culture, they plant Iris flowers on the graves of loved ones. It’s a way of calling Iris to come and escort loved ones to heaven.

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2.   In Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, Iris flowers repel evil spirits and purify negative energies. For that reason, it’s a tradition to hang Irises over doors.

What’s more, the Iris flower is the spirit of the summer in Chinese culture. That’s because when you spot these flowers, it means summer is arriving.

Additionally, when the wind blows the flowers, the petals flutter and fly away like butterfly wings. That’s why Iris flowers are often known as “the purple butterfly” in China.

Further, it was believed that eating Bearded Irises can prolong life and promote well-being.

3.   In Japanese Culture

In Japanese culture, Iris flowers have great spiritual meaning, as they symbolize purity. The unique flowers were popular for their purifying properties. People used them to purify evil energies and provide protection for those who wore them.

For that reason, they’re a sign of care and positivity. In fact, you can find Iris flower symbols in paintings and fabrics. There were also mentions of the purifying flower in haiku, which is a type of short-form poetry.

4.   In Ancient Egypt

Bearded Iris flowers go way back to 1469 B.C., as ancient Egyptians used them as garden plants. King Thutmose III of Egypt was fond of the majestic flowers. To add, you can spot these flowers in some ancient drawings.

The ancient Egyptians used purple Iris to symbolize the essence and renewal of life. In fact, they believed that the three petals of the flower stand for valor, faith, and wisdom.

Not only that, but they also used the plant for medical purposes and religious ceremonies.

5.   The Fleur de Lis

The Bearded Iris flower was the inspiration behind the popular fleur-de-lis symbol. That shows how people view the flower as a sign of royalty and nobility.

The fleur-de-lis was tied to the French Monarchy which appeared on their shields and coins. In addition, many believe that the three petals of the flower represented the nobility, clergy, and peasants, respectively.

Bearded Iris in Floriography

The showy perennial plant blooms magnificent blooms in a variety of colors. In Floriography, each shade has a distinct significance. Let’s check out the meaning of each one.

1.   Purple

Generally, we associate purple flowers, including the Bearded Iris, with royalty, nobility, wealth, and elegance. In addition, purple Bearded Iris flowers resemble power and dignity.

Many cultures use purple flowers as a sign of mourning. To add, in other cultures, they put Bearded Irises on the graves of loved ones to guide them to heaven.

Purple flowers also symbolize love and care. Receiving a bouquet of purple Bearded Irises from someone means they think highly of you. Further, it means they wish you wealth, luck, success, and power.

2.   Blue

Blue Bearded Iris flowers are rare and unique. Typically, blue flowers resemble love, desire, and inspiration. In addition, some consider blue flowers as a metaphysical thriving for the impossible.

For that reason, a bouquet of blue Irises is a perfect gift for someone trying to achieve their goals. They carry the message of positivity, hope, and new beginnings.

Moreover, blue flowers symbolize trust, safety, and intimacy, which makes excellent romantic gifts.

3.   White

White Bearded Iris flowers symbolize purity and innocence. We often associate white flowers with happy ceremonies, like weddings. Generally, white is an optimistic and cheerful color.

That’s why doctors wear white coats! In addition, a bouquet of white flowers is often a sign of pure love and care. It can also be a sympathy message or a get-well wish.

So, don’t forget to include white Irises in your next gift to your loved ones!

4.   Yellow

Yellow flowers, like the yellow Bearded Irises, are a sign of positivity. They represent happiness, optimism, and friendliness.

In addition, yellow flowers represent confidence and creativity. In many cultures, yellow represents joy, wisdom, and power.

Yellow Bearded Iris

A bouquet of yellow Iris flowers can convey pride and hope. That makes it an excellent choice as a gift for someone celebrating a big achievement.

5.   Pink

Pink Bearded Irises resemble love, romance, and admiration. Like all pink flowers, they also symbolize femininity, happiness, and gentleness.

Generally, pink is a cheerful color that conveys pleasant, positive emotions. That’s why it’s used in many ceremonies.

Pink Irises make perfect gifts for your loved ones! They’re suitable for any occasion.

6.   Orange

Orange flowers are cheerful and eye-catching. They usually symbolize joy, positivity, passion, enthusiasm, and excitement.

To the Victorians, orange flowers were a sign of desire and fascination. Further, in many parts of Asia, orange represents divinity and purity.

7.   Black

Black Bearded Irises are one-of-a-kind flowers. The petals have a unique combination of black and purple.

Black flowers resemble pride, honor, and growth. They also symbolize mystery, power, and farewells. In some cases, they can signify a major change in someone’s life or mourning.

While it isn’t suitable for all occasions, a bouquet of black Bearded Irises makes a bold, elegant gift.

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Bearded Iris in Art

The beauty and meaning of Irises inspired many artists over the centuries. The stunning flowers appeared in paintings by Gauguin, Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gough, Claude Monet, Durer, and many more.

One of the most popular Iris inspirations in art is perhaps the “Irises” painting by Van Gough. It goes without saying that Van Gough was highly inspired by this exquisite flower. He studied the flower for a while in order to catch its beauty in a painting.

Fun fact: the Irises painting is one of the most expensive paintings ever sold!

Different Types of Bearded Iris

There are many types of Bearded Iris flowers, so we usually subcategory them into groups according to their structure. Here’s a list of the different types of Bearded Irises:

  • Tall Bearded
  • Intermediate Bearded
  • Short Bearded
  • Miniature Bearded
  • Border Bearded

Popular Bearded Irises

Growers develop new varieties of Bearded Irises for commercial sale every year. Many of them received well-known awards. Here are some award-winning Bearded Irises:

  • Abiqua Falls
  • American Classic Bearded Iris
  • Beatnick
  • Dusky Challenger
  • Big Blue Eyes
  • Jesse’s Song

Bearded Iris Uses

Aside from its fascinating look and rich meaning, Bearded Iris has many benefits. Let’s check them out!

1.   Cosmetics

We use Bearded Iris flowers to make many types of cosmetics. That includes body lotions and essential oils. They can also help with some skin and hair conditions.

2.   Fragrances

Irises are known for their unique fragrance. For that reason, we use them to make many types of perfumes.

3.   Medicinal

The roots of Iris plants were popular in traditional medicine. They can help with many ailments, including stomach problems and Alzheimer’s disease.

Wrapping Up

So, what’s the bearded Iris flower meaning? Bearded Iris is a one-of-a-kind flower that carries a lot of meanings.

For starters, it resembles the Greek goddess, Iris, which escorts the deceased from earth to heaven. In Chinese culture, it repels evil spirits, while in Japanese culture, they’re known for their purifying properties.

The majestic flower was also popular in Ancient Egypt. They used it for medicinal purposes, decorations, and religious ceremonies.

The unique flower resembles valor, faith, hope, optimism, wisdom, and eloquence. Further, a bouquet of Bearded Irises is a perfect gift for many occasions.