All You Need to Know About Aztec Flower Meaning

The Aztecs were quite fond of flowers. In fact, they were exceptional in horticulture and developing plants. However, there’s one flower that held great significance to their culture, which is the Aztec flower. So, what’s the Aztec flower meaning?

There are many types of flowers that we refer to as “Aztec flowers.” That includes Marigold, which is the symbol of the Mexican Day of the Dead. We sometimes refer to Gazania flowers as Aztecs too. They resemble wealth, adoration, and faithful love. Further, Zinnia Aztec flowers represent affection, love, endurance, and resilience.

pink Zinnia Aztec

Do you want to find out more about these one-of-a-kind flowers? In today’s article, we’ll tell you all about the meanings behind the mysterious Aztec flowers. Let’s jump into the details right away!

Marigold Aztec Flower Meaning

The Marigold Aztec flower conveys a lot of meanings and messages. The plant is scientifically known as Tagetes erecta. It usually blooms an abundant amount of flowers from late spring to early fall.

What’s unique about these flowers is that they have a spicy, musky fragrance. They resemble elegance and gentility.

1.   The Mexican Day of the Dead

The Marigold Aztec flower is the symbol of the Mexican Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). The Day of the Dead is an annual holiday to celebrate life and death. On the holiday, families come together to welcome back the souls of their deceased loved ones for a brief reunion.

In the Dia de los Muertos, the Aztec flower honors the dead and celebrates reuniting with them. The holiday originated in Mexico, but it’s celebrated all over Latin America.

In addition, in Honduras, they used the essential oil extract of the flower to wash corpses. So, it represents cleansing and purification.

Further, the Aztec people used the Marigold for many medicinal purposes. It was popular for treating hiccups.

2.   In Indian Culture

In Indian culture, the Marigold Aztec flower is a sign of cheerfulness and positivity. It also represents new beginnings and happiness. For that reason, they use it in ceremonies, weddings, and birthdays.

3.   A Sign of Strength and Power

We typically associate Marigold flowers with the powerful strength of the sun. So, they represent power and endurance.

In addition, due to their resemblance to the sun, they symbolize hope and the light that lives inside a person.

4.   A Sign of Despair

In many cultures, Marigolds symbolize a feeling of desperate love. The beautiful Marigold flowers can represent a broken relationship or the loss of a loved one.

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Gazania Aztec Flower Meaning

The Aztec flower is a cultivar of the splendid Gazania genus. This flower shares the same bright center as Gazania while having cream and maroon stripes.

Another species of Gazania also shares ties with the Aztecs. Gazania Aztec queen is a colorful blossom, which may be yellow, white, red, or maroon.

Gazania has a rich meaning in Floriography. This flower is called the Treasure flower for a good reason.

Let me tell you all about what the Gazania Aztec flower represents.

1.   Wealth

The gorgeous Gazania blossoms symbolize richness and prosperity. The opulent flower is one of a kind, so it’s a treasure in itself.

Red and Yellow Zinnia Aztecs

Additionally, many spiritualists believe that having Gazania flowers around is a sign of wealth. Some even believe the flowers can attract good fortune!

2.   Adoration

It’s hard to look at Gazania Aztec queen without remembering sunflowers. After all, they’re both practically cousins, belonging to the family Asteraceae.

Both blossoms radiate positivity and joy. For this reason, they’ve been associated with adoration and longevity. Giving someone the bright Gazania flower is the best way to communicate how happy they make you!

3.   Faithful Love

Not only do flowers hold a lot of meaning in themselves, but this significance may vary depending on the color of the bloom.

The Gazania Aztec flower is one of the most unique flowers when it comes to color. That’s because it contrasts both white and red.

In the language of flowers, white represents purity, innocence, and faithfulness. On the other hand, red is the embodiment of love and passion.

So, combining the two colors together is indicative of unwavering, faithful love. This beautiful meaning is pretty rare in Floriography!

Zinnia Aztec Flower Meaning

Zinnia Aztecs, also known as Zinnia elegans, are annual flowers that bloom an abundance of flowers without requiring high maintenance. They come in a wide variety of bold, eye-catching colors. That includes yellow, pink, purple, white, red, orange, and green.

That said, let’s check out the meaning behind the Zinnia Aztec flower.

1.   Affection and Friendship

Zinnia flowers come in elegant, warm colors, which are usually associated with friendship and good company. In addition, the unique flowers symbolize care and affection.

A bouquet of Zinnia flowers can make a great gift for a friend on any occasion.

2.   Love and Romance

Generally, Zinnia Aztec flowers resemble unconditional love and romance. The lovely flowers can make a perfect gift for your significant other.

3.   Endurance and Resilience

Zinnia Aztec flowers bloom for a long time. Additionally, they’re resilient and require minimal care.

They can also withstand the harshest conditions. For these reasons, they’re a symbol of endurance and resilience.

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Aztec Flowers in Floriography

Aztec plants bloom a wide range of magnificent flowers in a variety of colors. In Floriography, each color has a distinct significance. Let me tell you all about the meanings behind each color.

1.   Orange

Orange Aztec flowers are popular for many reasons. They’re eye-catching, cheerful, and lovely.

They usually represent positive feelings and happiness. In addition, orange flowers symbolize passion, enthusiasm, and excitement.

In many parts of Asia, orange flowers represent divinity and purity, while to the Victorians, they were a sign of desire and fascination.

2.   Pink

Pink Aztec flowers usually represent romance, love, and admiration. Therefore, a bouquet of Pink Aztecs can make a perfect gift for your partner. They’re suitable for many occasions.

In addition, like all pink flowers, they’re a symbol of femininity, gentleness, care, and happiness.

3.   White

White flowers, including the white Aztecs, symbolize purity and innocence. We usually use white flowers in celebrations and happy ceremonies, like weddings. That’s because white is a cheerful and optimistic color.

Further, white is the color of goodness, and that’s why doctors wear white coats! A bouquet of white flowers is a sign of pure love and care. It makes a good sympathy message or a get-well wish. So, don’t forget to include white Aztecs in your next gift to your loved ones.

4.   Yellow

In many cultures, yellow flowers symbolize wisdom and power. Moreover, yellow flowers are a sign of positivity and joy. They also represent optimism, friendliness, and happiness.

In color psychology, yellow is a color of creativity and enlightenment. Moreover, yellow is a color that shows confidence and creativity.

Further, a bouquet of white Aztecs can convey pride and hope, which makes it an excellent choice as a gift for someone celebrating a big achievement in their life.

5.   Purple

We usually associate purple flowers with royalty, wealth, and nobility. Overall, purple is a bold, elegant color that carries a lot of meanings.

In many cultures, purple flowers are a sign of mourning. In fact, you might find people leaving purple flowers on the graves of loved ones.

a garden full of Zinnia Aztecs

Moreover, purple flowers represent care, affection, and love. Receiving a bouquet of purple Aztecs from someone means they think highly of you and care about you.

It can also mean they wish you luck, wealth, success, power, and great achievements.

6.   Blue

Blue is a warm color that carries many emotions. Additionally, blue Aztec flowers can be a sign of love, inspiration, and desire. Many consider blue flowers as a metaphysical thriving for the impossible.

Therefore, a bouquet of blue Aztec flowers can be a perfect gift for someone trying to achieve a goal. Blue Aztecs carry a message full of positivity, hope, and new beginnings.

What’s more, blue flowers symbolize trust, safety, and intimacy. That makes them excellent romantic gifts for your loved ones.

7.   Red

Similar to all red flowers, red Aztecs represent true love, passion, and romance. That’s why every Valentine’s Day bouquet has red flowers.

Red flowers convey a lot of deep emotions and meanings. They can be a sign of respect, courage, and desire.

They can also represent new beginnings. That’s because red is the first color that babies see when their eyes develop.

Wrapping Up

So, what’s the Aztec flower meaning?

There are many flowers that we refer to as “Aztec flowers.” One of the most popular Aztec flowers is the Marigold, which is the symbol of the Mexican Day of the Dead. It also represents purity and honor.

The Gazania is another popular Aztec flower. It symbolizes wealth, adoration, and faithful love. On the other hand, the Zinnia Aztec flower is a sign of affection, friendship, love, endurance, and resilience.

Aztec flowers can carry a lot of meanings, depending on their color. Overall, a bouquet of Aztecs can be a suitable gift on many occasions. Don’t forget to include some Aztec flowers in your next gift to the people you appreciate.