Aurelia Flower Meaning

Like any other flower from the Aster family, the aurelia flower meaning holds significant value and history.

Aurelia directly translates to golden, derived from the Latin word ‘aureus’ which means gold. Giving someone an aurelia or any other yellow flower means that you wish them happiness or consider them bright and precious.

Aurelia Flowers

Let’s investigate further into the meaning of aurelia, the symbols they represent, and the interesting history from which its name was inspired.

Aurelia Flowers: Meaning and Symbolism

Aurelias came from the Asteraceae family—the same family as sunflowers and daisies. Most species from this family are known for their vibrant yellow colors and delicate petals resembling the magnificent sun.

Aside from their dashing color, aurelias are also known to thrive in coastal areas. These little flowers are unfazed even in harsh weather conditions.

So, from these facts, we can derive the following meaning and symbols that best represent and describe the aurelia plant. 

Aurelia Flowers Meaning Based on Color

The bright yellow hues of aurelia flowers make them seem like they’re always sprinkled with sunshine. Moreover, golden flowers like these hold a special meaning to them.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to grow aurelias in your garden or give them to a loved one. Here are several meanings that can be attributed to aurelias based on their radiant yellow color:

1. Happiness

To give someone yellow or golden flowers means that you wish for joy to enter their lives.

In fact, yellow is known as the happy color in color psychology, and flowers of the same color are believed to help cheer people up.

Interestingly, the plain sight of aurelia flowers gleefully blooming may give one a sense of delight.

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2. Wealth and Abundance

There’s a historical reference to why golden yellow flowers like aurelias are considered a symbol of wealth and abundance. Truth be told, their meaning dates back to early human civilizations.

First, the Mayans in the olden times consider them a significant symbol of bountifulness and that they bring forth good fortune and blessings.

Second, golden yellow flowers are especially important to ancient Egyptians. The Egyptian civilization was mainly built in gold, and they worshiped the sun god Ra, who was believed to have golden flesh.

Finally, the Chinese believe that golden yellow flowers attract abundance and wealth. Interestingly, Chinese people use yellow flowers for decorations during the Chinese New Year.

Fun fact: aurelias are also called gold coin daisies or gold coin plants.

3. Friendship

Most yellow flowers reflect platonic admiration and value for companionship. Thus, aurelias may serve as thoughtful gifts to friends.

In some contexts, yellow flowers are associated with achievement. So, I figured it’ll be meaningful to give your friend a yellow flower after they’ve gone through a major challenge in life or surpassed an important phase or breakthrough (such as graduating from university).

4. A Fresh Start

It may be a good concept to plant aurelias in your garden to welcome happiness and good luck in your new home, as aurelias symbolize new beginnings.

Aurelias may serve as a gentle reminder that no matter when or how you’re going to do it, there’s no such thing as a wrong time when it comes to starting anew.

Traits That Aurelias Symbolize

Aurelias are beautiful coastal plants known to thrive against extreme weather conditions. That said, we can learn something from how aurelias overcome constant challenges from their surroundings.

Furthermore, here are some traits that may be attributed to aurelias:

1. Perseverance and Strength

Did you know that aurelias are highly tolerant of extreme heat? In fact, aurelias can survive both drought and frost. Not to mention that they need little water to survive, and they’re less susceptible to plant diseases.


As humans vulnerable to the adversities that life throws at us, we may draw inspiration from these plants. It’s alright to pause and take a breather, but never give up and continue striving to be a better person.

2. Optimism

Like aurelias that are sun-loving, may we always look to the bright side, learn to smile, and endure moments of suffering, loss, and loneliness.

Always remember that bad things won’t last a lifetime. Let’s look forward to good things in the future and let the lessons from the past serve as our guide.

3. Versatility

Upon maturity, aurelias will grow for not more than one meter and spread for up to 1.5 meters only (some sources say they only reach up to 20–30 cm in height and spread).

Compared to other plants, they don’t have the advantage of size, but what does this teach us?

Despite their size, aurelias are highly versatile and can grow wherever they’re planted. They don’t require much attention to grow and can survive in different soil pH conditions.

Moreover, they’re groundcover plants that grow on rocks, sandy soil, or loam, but if you put them in a pot, they’ll still grow.

This particular trait of aurelias made me realize that we should focus on our ability to grow and adapt instead of the factors that try to constrain us.

4. Hopefulness

Aurelias are lovely flowers that bloom throughout three seasons, especially in spring, known as the season of hope and rebirth.

It’s a good reminder that after the bitter winter comes a new season that brings life and replenishes the earth with beauty.

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The Cultural Meaning Behind the Aurelia Flower

Even in the olden times, the family Asteraceae or Asters to which the aurelia flower belongs have held significant essence.

Some of the earliest records of aurelias can be traced to Greek mythology on an account written by Virgil. These flowers are believed to be sacred to the goddess Venus and used to adorn the gods’ altars.

On the other hand, the name Aurelia dates back to ancient Roman times, originating from the surname Aurelius. Similarly, the name Aurelia translates to golden in Latin. However, it translates to breeze and wind in other languages.

Therefore, the name Aurelia is considered prestigious and often associated with someone who’s bright. As a matter of fact, the Roman general Julius Caesar’s mother bears the same name.

Wrap Up

Looking into the aurelia flower meaning analysis allows us to appreciate its representation of happiness, wealth, friendship, and new beginnings.

To add, aurelia is also a powerful metaphor for perseverance, optimism, versatility, and hopefulness.

Furthermore, aurelias are considered culturally significant even back in ancient times. They came from the same family of flowers used as offerings to Greek gods, and the name Aurelia translates to golden and bright.

In conclusion, Aurelia is indeed a beautiful name for both a flower and a person.