Everything You Need to Know About the Artichoke Flower Meaning

We’ve all eaten some tasty artichokes before, but did you know that this vegetable produces the most stunning, vibrant flowers? This makes you wonder about the artichoke flower’s meaning.

Artichoke flowers have significant meanings and symbolism in many cultures. They’re also quite notable in floriography, as these flowers represent hope, opulence, and desire!

Artichoke Flower

Do you want to find out more? In this article, we cover everything about the meaning behind the artichoke flower and the myth behind the blossom. So, let’s dive in!

Artichoke Flower Meaning

It might surprise you to find out that the vegetable we’re used to eating is nothing but an immature bud. At the heart of the fleshy artichoke lies the purple blossom of Cynara scolymus.

While artichoke flowers aren’t the most popular, they’re one of the most unique and meaningful blossoms. Here are some of the meanings behind the flower:


Artichoke flowers are an ideal representation of hope. The lively flower blossoms from the vegetable’s hard, fleshy exterior. So, the flower’s growth signifies hope and dedication.

Additionally, artichoke flowers have a pretty unique appearance. You just can’t help but feel bright and hopeful once you look at these blooms.


Artichoke blossoms are bold and vivacious There’s no denying how flamboyant they look.

For this reason, artichoke flowers represent prosperity and abundance. Many spiritualists believe that these vibrant buds are lucky, and might even attract wealth!


The gorgeous artichoke flower is a symbol of love and desire, and there are numerous reasons behind this meaning.

In ancient Rome, people believed that artichokes were effective aphrodisiacs. Romans constantly ate artichokes in hopes of conceiving boys! So, the flower shares the same reputation.

Moreover, this meaning might be due to the Greek goddess Cynara, who was the lover of Zeus.

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Artichoke Flower Floriography

In flower language, the origin of the flower isn’t the only thing that matters. Other aspects such as color, shape, and size are considered, too! That’s also true in the case of artichoke flowers.

Artichoke flowers feature two main colors:


Artichoke flowers represent prosperity not only due to their nature of growth but also because of their vibrant color.

Artichoke Flower Closeup

Generally, purple flowers indicate luxury and opulence. The reason for this is that purple is quite a rare pigment. During medieval times, only the rich could afford such pigment.


Occasionally, you might come across blue artichoke flowers. In this case, these blossoms symbolize tranquility, serenity, and peace.

For this reason, the vibrant blue flower can bring harmony to any living space. It also makes an ideal addition to any floral arrangement.

Artichoke Flower in Greek Mythology

The splendid artichoke flower is pretty significant in Greek mythology. After all, this flower gets its name from the Greek goddess Cynara.

According to ancient myth, the reason for artichokes’ existence is none other than Zeus!

Zeus, famous for his numerous paramours, was visiting Poseidon. On his way home, Zeus met Cynara on the beach.

She wasn’t scared of the Greek god, and the couple quickly fell in love, which is why the flower is synonymous with desire.

Then, Zeus turned Cynara into a goddess and took her to Mount Olympus. Unfortunately, the goddess of desire felt secluded and lonely, so she’d often sneak off to visit her family.

Zeus was enraged once he found out about Cynara’s antics. In a tantrum befitting the Greek god, he banished Cynara from Olympus by tossing her off the mountain. Afterward, Cynara hit the ground and sprouted into an artichoke!

How to Grow Artichoke Flowers From Artichoke

Did you know that you can transform the artichoke crown lying in your fridge into a magnificent, vibrant blossom?


Technically, you can get artichoke offshoots from the artichoke in your fridge. These offshoots can then be planted to bloom artichoke flowers!

Though, you should choose the correct type of artichoke. Ideally, you should check the artichoke for the following:

  • The artichoke has a visible root, or you can use Jerusalem artichokes.
  • The crown is firm with no soft spots.
  • The surface should be completely smooth.
  • Pick an artichoke free of discoloration or wilting.
  • The vegetable should have no nicks or cuts.

To grow artichoke offshoots, simply follow these steps:

  1. First, dig a hole about 6-7 inches deep in the soil.
  2. Add sufficient root boosters, fertilizers, and supplements, then place the root crown in the soil.
  3. Frequently water the soil, then prune the offshoots and replant it to get a mature plant!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are artichoke flowers good for bouquets?

Artichokes aren’t only staples in the kitchen, but they also make excellent bouquets. Artichoke bouquets are growing in popularity, especially for weddings and celebrations.

It’s easy to understand why these gorgeous blossoms are ideal for bouquets, especially once you factor in their rich meaning.

A bouquet containing artichoke flowers signifies hope and prosperity. That’s why these flowers are perfect for celebrating life changes and new beginnings.

Are artichoke flowers edible?

Unfortunately, artichoke flowers aren’t edible.

The purple, feathery part that you remove when cooking artichokes is the flower!

The reason these flowers are inedible is due to their long petals, which can be a choking hazard. They also don’t taste appetizing! Yet, artichoke flowers aren’t poisonous.

Is growing artichoke flowers easy?

While it’s possible to grow artichokes in your garden, they require a lot of attention. That said, growing the artichoke for the blossoms is much easier. After all, you don’t have to worry about the artichoke’s taste!


Artichoke flowers are increasing in popularity due to their splendid shape, vibrant color, and rich meaning. The flower is symbolic of abundance and hope.

Additionally, artichoke flowers might signify desire and love! Ancient Romans believed that eating artichokes would result in conceiving boys. While in Greek mythology, the artichoke is a former lover of Zeus.

The best part is that you can grow artichoke flowers from most artichokes that you find in the supermarket. So, you can plant your own artichoke flower garden to attract prosperity!