Apple Flower Meaning: A Complete Guide

Apples are one of the most cultivated fruits across the globe, but did you know that apple blossoms are also very popular?

Apple blossoms are a sight to behold. They offer a delightful scent and a wide range of beneficial uses. If you’re wondering about the apple flower meaning, then you’ve come to the right place!

The apple flower carries meanings of peace, hope, and good fortune. It’s also a symbol of longevity and continuity in life as well as new beginnings and positive transformation. Additionally, the apple blossom represents fertility, sensuality, and love.

Apple Flower

Keep reading to find out more about the different meanings of the apple flower as we dive deeper into its history, cultural significance, and symbolism.

What Is the Apple Flower?

The apple flower is the blossom of the apple tree, botanically known as Malus domestica. After pollination, the apple flower develops into the apple fruit that we all know and love.

Apple blossoms are showy flowers that sprout from tree branches. They bloom during spring, particularly from April to May.

The apple flower has a cyme growth pattern. This is where the flowers are arranged in an inflorescence (group) that features central blooms (king blooms)which open before the peripheral blooms.

Each cyme consists of 4 to 6 flowers. Each flower is shaped like a cup or saucer outline and possesses 4 or 5 petals. The size of an apple blossom ranges between 1 and 3 inches.

What Is the History of the Apple Flower?

The apple plant is originally from Afghanistan and Central Asia, but nowadays they’re grown pretty much everywhere in the world. The plant made its way into America when European settlers brought it along.

The United States and the apple fruit hit it off right away, soon becoming a fundamental part of American cuisine. It’s to the point that apple pie is now synonymous with American history.

Apple flowers also have a long record of being a wonderful gifting pick. Not only because they look stunning, but also because they smell heavenly.

A wide selection of varieties of apple blossoms exist, but they almost always yield either pink or white petals. Apple flowers are also known as the spring blossom due to their blooming season.

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What Do the Colors of the Apple Flower Mean?

Apple flowers exist in two main colors: white and pink. With time, each flower will show both colors; mainly white with a pink hue that fades gradually.

Each of these shades offers a different meaning to the apple flower as follows:


When apple flowers bloom, they almost always start as pink blossoms. From there, the flowers stay pink for a while then the color fades over time to turn the petals white.

When an apple flower is pink, it’s a symbol of happiness, modesty, charm, and delicate nature.

It also indicates meanings of femininity, fondness, and love.

Additionally, pink apple blossoms represent passion, ambition, and abundance.

As such, you can gift pink apple flowers to your loved ones both in a romantic and non-romantic setting.

From Mother’s Day and good wishes bouquets to wedding arrangements and anniversary presents, pink apple blossoms make a fantastic addition.


As mentioned above, the apple flower turns white with time. The fading of the bright pink color into pristine white causes a shift in the flower’s meaning.

A white apple blossom is a symbol of innocence, purity, and grace. It represents sympathy and elegance.

White Apple Flower

A white apple flower also carries meanings of faith, devotion, and spirituality.

As such, white apple blooms make for a wonderful addition to flower arrangements at weddings and spiritual ceremonies.

You can also use them as presents for older folks to show gratitude, admiration, and respect.

What Does the Apple Flower Mean?

The apple flower is associated with multiple meanings of deep emotions.

According to the Language of Flowers, apple blossoms signify concepts of preference, love, growth, beauty, femininity, constancy, and birth.

The apple flower also has meanings beyond the Language of Flowers, linked to its blooming behavior, shape, and fruit.

The following are the most common apple flower meanings:


The apple flower does a fine job of symbolizing peace and calmness thanks to its delicate outline and gentle colors.

Looking at the beautiful flower branches and inhaling their sweet scent can put your mind at ease, hence the association with serenity.


The apple flower is linked to meanings of fertility and abundance thanks to its showy appearance and highly fragrant nature.

The bold outline of the petals combined with the sweet, floral scent makes for one alluring blossom.


The symbolism of sensuality, desire, and passion can also be attributed to the flashy shape of the petals and the intoxicating scent of the apple flower.

The tempting nature of this blossom conveys an equally tempting message to the receiver of its beauty.


The apple flower blooms during spring, ushering in warmth and brightness after the cold and darkness of winter.

As such, apple blossoms stand for hope. They serve as a reminder that light will eventually shine even if it’s gloomy now.

Good Fortune

Also because apple flowers bloom each spring, they symbolize good fortune.

Apple blossoms bring in warmer weather, brighter days, and a more vibrant nature. They represent the arrival of the good after enduring the bad.


The apple flower will turn into an apple fruit once pollinated by bees sometime around summer or fall.

While change can be perceived as a scary or stressful experience, apple blossoms show us that this doesn’t have to be the case.

Becoming a widely beneficial and loved fruit is how the apple flower symbolizes a positive outcome of change. It represents the good that can come from growth.


Whether it’s the pretty pink color or the association of the flower with romance in ancient Celtic times, apple blossoms are known to be a symbol of love and passion.

Their presence is thought to convey and encourage feelings of romantic love and desire.

New Beginnings

A particular sentiment that’s attached to the apple flower is experiencing a fresh start. The fact that this flower blooms only during spring establishes an even stronger connection to the meaning.

Spring represents a new beginning for all living things after going through the cold winter. As such, apple blossoms signify the dawn of a new chapter in your life.

Long Life

Another symbolism of the apple flower is longevity. The plant blooms only during spring and it looks dead throughout the winter when there’s not even a single leaf in sight.

Apple Flowers

The re-emergence of life shows that life never really left the tree; it was always there, long and persistent.

Life Continuity

Once again, the connection between apple blossoms and springtime represents continuity.

Throughout the cold winter, the whole apple plant becomes seemingly lifeless.

The fact that the apple flower resumes its life after the absence of even a single leaf is a sign of continuing life within the life and death cycle. It shows that life goes on despite difficulties and even death.

After all, hardships and death are a part of life.

Consistency and Preference

Last but not least, the apple flower carries meanings of consistency and preference according to the Language of Flowers.

While it’s not as grand or emotional as the symbolism of love, attraction, or hope, desired physical, this meaning is linked to ideas of stability and trust.

It’s also related to liking a certain alternative more than another, and upholding such preference no matter how many times you’re told to choose.

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What Is the State Significance of the Apple Flower?

The apple blossom is the state of two states: Michigan and Arkansas.

Michigan decided on the apple blossom as the official state flower in 1897. The state recognizes how apple trees are behind a huge chunk of its beautiful landscape and how Michigan apples are a trademark across the globe.

As for Arkansas, it designated the apple blossom as the official state flower in 1901. It beat other proposed options, including the cotton ball, passionflower, honeysuckle, and holly.

What Does the Apple Flower Represent Across Cultures?

All around Central Asia, the apple blossom is a symbol of fertility and sensuality. It’s also associated with abundance and productivity.

In China, people view the apple flower as a sign of a wealthy household. It’s closely tied to prosperity, beauty, and positivity.

In ancient Celtic times, people used to hang apple blossoms around their bedrooms to signify fertility and encourage a romantic evening.

As such, the apple flower is also associated with love and passion. Celts also linked the apple blossom to purity, motherhood, and remembrance.

In the early Victorian ages, the apple flower represented specific preferences.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, everything you need to know about the apple flower meaning.

The apple blossom can symbolize peace, hope, and good fortune. It can also represent life longevity and continuity as well as new beginnings and positive transformation.

Additionally, apple flowers can mean love, sensuality, and fertility.