Ammobium Flower Meaning: All You Need to Know

Each plant and flower seems to have its symbology, meanings, and set of uses. The Ammobium plant is no exception. If you’re wondering about the Ammobium flower’s meaning and uses, then you’ve come to the right place!

Ammobium alatus, also called the winged everlasting plant, is an annual native to Australia. The plant has slender, winged, emerald-green stems and small flowers with white petals and a bright yellow center. Ammobium is viewed as a symbol of perseverance and beauty.

fresh ammobium Flowers

Read on to learn more about the symbolic significance and uses of this fascinating plant. We’ve also included some handy tips regarding Ammobium’s care requirements.

Overview of Ammobium Flower

The Ammobium plant is part of the daisy family. This plant is indigenous to Australia and comes in many variations. The most common variation is the Ammobium alatum, which is also referred to as the winged everlasting plant.

The winged everlasting plant has emerald green, spindly stems with appendages that resemble wings, hence the name.

The term alatus also refers to the appearance of the Ammobium’s stem. It’s a Greek word that translates to “winged.”

As for the term Ammobium, it’s derived from a duo of Greek words: “ammos” and “bios.” The first word translates to “sand,” while the latter translates to “life.” The name points to the plant’s ability to grow in the sand.

This annual is a flowering plant that blooms from summer all the way through to fall. When in bloom, this plant produces stunning, small-petaled white flowers that surround a spiky, bright yellow center. The lifespan of each flower an Ammobium plant produces is roughly 2 weeks.

As for its care requirements, this plant thrives in areas with warm days and cool nights. It requires direct sunlight and well-drained soil to remain healthy. If consistently exposed to wet soil, these plants can be highly prone to root rot.

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The Symbology of the Ammobium Flower

There isn’t much symbolic significance surrounding the Ammobium plant. However, it’s known to be viewed as a token of perseverance.

This is mainly because of the plant’s common name, winged everlasting, and the feature that warrants it. This feature is the Ammobium’s ability to maintain its form and color even after it dies.

The plant’s delicate white flowers and “winged” stems are also considered a symbol of innocence and beauty.

Uses of the Ammobium Flower

The Ammobium plant is typically used in two ways:

Dried Flower Arrangements

Due to the Ammobium plant’s ability to retain its beautiful form even when it’s no longer alive, it’s commonly used as a component in dry bouquets and floral arrangements.

Ammobium flowers are typically picked when the plant is midway through its bloom period. At this time, the flowers are halfway open.

We cut them during the bloom period, tie them in small bunches, and leave them to dry in a room with good circulation. We then incorporate the dried flowers into floral arrangements.

When dried properly, an Ammobium flower arrangement can last up to 2 years before starting to lose its aesthetic. Such long-lasting flower arrangements are great gifts to give your loved ones for them to remember you by.

Ammobium Flower

Additionally, you can use dried Ammobium flowers to line wicker baskets and other containers to hide the wiring and enhance their look.

Companion Plant

Another widespread use for Ammobium is its use as a companion plant.

The large, bright yellow center of Ammobium flowers isn’t just for show. This part of the plant is packed with nectar. So, the presence of Ammobium in your backyard makes it prime real estate for bees, butterflies, and other pollinating insects.

This bodes very well for the other plants growing in your garden. It allows them to reproduce faster and easier.

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The Ammobium plant is a sight to behold with its winged stem and pearly white petals.

Also known as the winged everlasting plant, it’s native to Australia but has gained widespread popularity worldwide due to its practicality as a component in dried flower arrangements.

The Ammobium flower’s ability to retain its gorgeous form even when dried is the same reason why it’s widely viewed as a symbol of perseverance.

Next time you’re getting a gift for your loved ones, a dried Ammobium flower arrangement is a great option to consider!